Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart

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Crystal Heart

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This experiment explores MINERAL CRYSTALLIZATION while making an unique, sparkling Heart ornament! A fun project for junior scientists and crafters alike!

Follow step-by-step instructions in the instruction booklet and find a recipe to make rock candy. Yum!

This kit is designed with ages 5+ in mind.  As it involves Boiling water a helpful adult is required to supervise.  Active time is approximately 20 minutes.  The Crystals should solidify in about 15-20 hours.

Designed for kids 5+ (an adult is required for safety purposes as this kit involves boiling water).

Approximate time: active time 20 minutes, crystallization period 15-20 hours.

Kit includes everything to make 1 ornament. Available in pink, green, and blue.

Kit Includes:

Alum Crystals          Thread 
Pipe Cleaners           Stir Stick
Instruction Booklet