The Travelling Lab

Messy Labs is also available to come out to do workshops for you.  Yes, we come to you!  We can do in-home if there's enough space or at a community center even in a park.  We bring everything necessary for the experiment and will clean up afterward.

We have several options available to suit your group and budget.

Group Workshop - Great for Community Groups and Birthday Parties. Groups of up to 15  Each package includes a few experiments as well as a science lesson. Typically 45-60 minutes.  Pick from the following options, or if there's a specific experiment you're interested in, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Powerful pH - With the aid of a colour-changing indicator participants learn about the differences in pH and what happens when they are mixed.
Slime - Play with texture as participants work through making their own Slime to keep.  We can do basic slime or fluffy slime.  Also, in playing with texture, we can do oobleck, a whole different type of gooey. 
Surface Tension - Several different experiments including; Milk Art, Floating paper clips, and Bubble Fun.
Reflection and Refraction - Learn the difference between Reflection and Refraction.  Make a periscope and observe refracted beams reversing arrows and Peppers Ghost.


science birthday


Individual/ Continuous Workshop – Great for Large Street Events, Company Picnic, Christmas Parties or where there are lots of different activities to do. These experiments take approximately 10-15 minutes per participant.  Max 30 (at basic level or 50 at upper level) per hour.  These experiments focus on hands-on fun but do still include a small science lesson, though the more participants we get the shorter the lesson is.   We can do these at an hourly rate or with a user-pay model.  Can be set up with 1 or more than 1 experiment.

Rainbow Cups - participants learn about density and layering liquids on top of each other.
Powerful pH - With the aid of a colour-changing indicator participants learn about the differences in pH and what happens when they are mixed. Includes Fizzy Bottle experiment.
Slime - We walk each participant through making their own Slime that they can take home in an airtight container.
Fizzy Bottle - Use the power of Hydrogen to inflate a Balloon. And watch the gas bubbles move, like a lava lamp in a contained environment.


girl doing Science

Open Exploration Tables – Free-flow open tables allow kids to spend as much or as little time as the kids would like.  Great as an add-on to the previous two setup types.

Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils - Each Exploration table has at least 2 microscopes and 2 large magnifying lamps as well as lots of handheld magnifying glasses.  Get up close with a variety of rocks, fossils, and minerals
Bubble Play - Blowing Bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, catching bubbles, and geometric bubbles.   


 science workshop


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