Word or Phrase Definition
5% Acetic Acid This is the acid you received with the kit.  Though it sounds dagerous you probably know it by another name, White Vinegar.
Acid Any substance with a pH Lower than 7.  The lower the number the stronger the Acid.
Alkali Any substance with a pH Higher than 7.  The higher the number the stronger the Alkali.
Base A solution or compound containing an Alkali.
Beaker A type of measuring cup
Bicarbonate Hydration That's just our name for Sodium Bicarbonate mixed with water.
Cylinder Tall slender measuring device, more accurate than a beaker, usually used for small quantities.
Density A measurement: Density = Total Weight/Total Volume.  Basically how much stuff is in a millilitre
Graduation Evenly spaced markings for measuring, commonly millilitres or centimeters.
Litmus A Litmus is a test that counts the amount of Hydrogen in a solution.  
Percent W/V A measurement for solutions: Concentration Percentage = Weight of Solute/Total Volume
pH This stands for the power of Hydrogen.   Referring to the amount of Hydrogen floating around in the substance. As H is the symbol for Hydrogen it is capitalized.  Where the p stands for a common word and doesn't need to be capitalized.  If both were capital it would be too easy to confuse the element, Phosphorus, which is known by a P, with the word power.
pH indicator Something that lets you know if a solution is an acid or base.
Pipette A tool for measuring small amounts of liquid
Solute Any powder that is to be or has been dissolved into liquid, usually the minor quantity
Solution Any liquid that is made up of two or more ingredients but is now uniform or consistant in its look and texture
Volume A measurement of space used.  In our case we are measuring liquid in Millilitres
Viscosity A measure of how easily a liquid flows. Think of it as how 'thick' a liquid is; sometimes the term Fluidity is used.  Example, oil is thicker than water but less dense (it floats). Honey has the same density at all temperatures, yet the warmer it get the lower the viscosity (the faster it moves)