Frequently Asked Questions

My 80%w/v sucrose solution seems to have some floaties in it.  What are they?
                 There are two types of 'floaties' you may seen in this solution. The first is will be white or translucent. As this is a fully Saturated solution, a few particle will fall out of solution.  The second type, if present, will be darker in colour.  These are impurities in the sucrose that do not disolve in the solution. They will not effect the outcome of the experiment.

Why can’t I see my rainbow?
                There are a few possibilities for this.  If the coloured solutions mix in the cup you won’t see it.  This can happen when the layers are added fast or it can happen if solution is accidently sucked up into the pipette.
                Are you looking at the side of the cup.  Even looking at a bit of an angle can visually mix the colours and make it harder to see.  You’ll notice the pictures of This experiment are all taken straight on.

Where are you located?
                We are located in Guelph Ontario.

Do you sell refills?
                We certainly do! They can be found on our Solutions and Reagents page.

I want to do this experiment with my group (Scouting/Guiding). Do you sell bigger packages?
                Send us an email at and let us know what your looking for.  We can put together a package for all group sizes.

How long does it take to ship my products?
                Most products will be shipped out of here within 3 days of ordering.  A few days in the postal truck and when all is done. You should have your order within a week.  As Christmas gets closer it may take a little longer to ship, so be sure to order early.