Why Messy Labs

Why choose Messy Labs? What make these Science Kits different?

Good Questions!

Here at Messy Labs we are prioritizing curiosity and a love of learning how and why.  We want to make Science more accessible, and less scary, to everyone!  Kids are naturally curious, we need to help and encourage them to keep learning.  Especially in a hands on fashion.  Too often kids are drawn to screens, even through schools and other educational ventures.  And though there can be value there, it's just as easy to be distracted by the flash and show of it, or file it away in the brain as entertainment.  

When we do hands on experiments we are more likely to remember the way it's done and it's easier to do things at the pace of the learner.  It also builds confidence in the skills they have and a foundation for more hands on skills.

We are building our 'Science-in-Series' kits to allow Junior Scientist to grow their collection of lab equipment just a few pieces at a time. Equipment is meant to be kept for use with future kits in the series.   For example you will need the 25 ml cylinder and the plastic cups from Rainbow Cups in the Powerful pH experiments.  Being able to reuse the pieces keeps costs down for everyone, making Science more accessible to all.

In our research we found two main reason that stop people from experimenting at home are:
(a) being overwhelmed by all the possibilities of at home experiment and large experiment kits.  Kids do a few then put it a side to do something else.  Or else can't pick where to start.
(b) Don't have what they need to do the experiments.  Our kits come as complete as we can make them while keeping the price reasonable. You may need to add water.  We try to find ways to pack as much into the kits as we can for you.

Our kits are arranged in manageable sizes of 3 related experiments so as to not overwhelm the user with all the possibilities of all Science. And still provide a great experience for a very accessible price.  By not going with the subscription route, you can choose when it's time to do the next kit in the series, Whether its monthly, weekly or irregularly its up to you.

Messy Labs is a Small Canadian Owned and Operated Business.  We are trying to provide an awesome experience for all interested.  We thank you for your time to look around our site and we hope you enjoy our kits, please leave us feedback and share your ideas with us at ideas.messylabs@gmail.com.


Shani Morgan
Founder of Messy Labs

Where there are no oxen the trough is clean,
But much increase come by the strength of the ox.
                                                     -Prov 14:4