Go Deeper with Rainbow Cups

Density Layers of a Rainbow Cup

What can cause liquids to have different densities?

     - Temperature can.    Have you ever noticed that Ice floats, it has a lower density than liquid water.
     - Composition can.     Muddy water tends to settle under clean water.

Where in our world can we find layered liquids?                

    - Large bodies of water.  Have you noticed that when swimming in a lake your toes will be in colder water? The cold water will settle down and warmer water will be near the surface.
     - Oil tends to float on water so if there is an oil spill most of it stays on top of the water.                           

Try layering other liquids from the house: Cooking Oil, Vinegar, Dish Soap, Other Liquids.

     - Some will mix and be hard to see, but others are so different that they keep their shape and will  pass through other liquids or float on top not wanting to get to know their neighbours.                          

Can you feel a difference in these products that relates to the density gradient?

     - The denser a fluid is the heavier it becomes.
     - Usually denser liquids will be thicker.  However, this is not always the case.  Oil is thicker but not denser than water.                 
     - You may also notice that your denser liquids pour a little differently than the thin liquid.                        

Does sucrose (0, 20, 40, 60%) content affect how fast the liquid walks from one cup to another?   

    - Yes! The sugar makes the liquid heavier which slows it down to a crawl as it goes from one cup to the other.

Why might knowing the density of liquids be important?               

     - Density affect us every days in ways we probably don't even realize. 
     - The ability to predict if something will sink or float is just one.
     - Packaging and shipping manufacturing all use density as a measure to understand the physical properties of an item how much space it will take of heavy it will be are all parts of the density calculation                         


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