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Frosty's Snowflake - Insights

Many physical factors can effect the development of the crystals.   The most common ones are; Resting Temperature, meaning the temperature at which it does it growth.Melting temperature, Alum one need a 93C to melt, not quite boiling.Air Currents, if its resting in a drafty place you may get varied results.   Larger crystals show the Octahedral Shape well but don't cover the entire pipecleaner because most of the Alum has been used to grow crystals larger instead of growing more crystals.         These teeny tiny crystals formed from a solution where too much Alum was added at the wrong temperature.  When these crystals solidifided the whole solution turned to "sludge"  Complete coverage, though crystals were a bit small. This snowflake was...

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Go Deeper into Rainbow Cups

What can cause liquids to have different densities?      - Temperature can.    Have you ever noticed that Ice floats, it has a lower density than liquid water.      - Composition can.     Muddy water tends to settle under clean water. Where in our world can we find layered liquids?                     - Large bodies of water.  Have you noticed that when swimming in a lake your toes will be in colder water? The cold water will settle down and warmer water will be near the surface.      - Oil tends to float on water so if there is an oil spill most of it stays on top of the water.                            Try layering other liquids from the house: Cooking Oil, Vinegar, Dish...

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